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About Me




I am the result of chronic psychosocial rejection and the consequent lust for escapism
I have been subject to, or still am, although much less so.
Learning aside, primary and secondary school sort of ruined me, in the sense of:
The environment and the people I was exposed to, the effect of it all, it shot my social
life in a different trajectory that I'd rather.
But well, here I am.

I have conflicting standpoints on life, at least currently.

This deep knowing that, time is very limited, and it can flow so fast, you wont even
notice it, nudges me to be the way I want to be (doing stuff), but with the finite amount
of time at my disposal, which one of these things should I be doing foremost?

Thought patterns like these, they happen all too often and leave me strung out and dazzled.

My interests

I like to play guitar.
I play mainly rock & metal, but I am open to many different genres.

My music taste is in general a wide-open book; I don't dislike any particular
genre, however, there are types of music I dont listen to.

The music I listen to depends on my state of mind, mood, the atmosphere and
in general the feelings I feel (or want to feel) in a given moment.

My substance use & abuse

I do drugs, mkay.
Yes, pitiful, as some might say. But fuck their opinion, life's short and you gotta enjoy such luxuries while you can,
as adult responsiblities never decrease, they only ever increase.

And no, I don't do a lot of drugs. The times of going crazy and giving zero fucks are long over.
Click here to find out more about my drug shenanigans.

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