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First of all, thank you for stopping by!

What even is the goal of this site?

This site aims to make you feel at home.
Following the commamdments of the only 'proper web', this site will never exploit you in any form or way.

It is primarily a vessel for making various kinds of content and information available, for potentially intrigued travelers to behold and enjoy.

It aims to represent and perpetuate the diversity and spirit of the 'old web'. This is reflected in the overall aesthetic of my site, making use of colors and patterns with the potential to evoke nostalgic feelings within one, simultaneously not going too overboard on the creative freedom.

I, the owner & creator of this site, am appalled by what has been and is happening to the internet as we know it.
This ever-spreading entropy has been speeding up exponentially for almost a decade, royally fucking up the internet dynamics to the point where it simply isn't made for you anymore, instead it is more rather made for them.

This desecration of the previously holy grounds is one of the reasons this site came to be as it is.
Perhaps my tiny little speck of expression can leave some kind of impression in the infinite sea of same-ness?

This page is under construction. Expect it to change a lot over the course of, well...
I'm really not at liberty to say.